Move all your communications to Skype for Business Online

At the Ignite Conference in Atlanta, in september 2016, Microsoft announced several new Skype for Business innovations. Innovations that empower IT professionals to deliver modern communications to their end users and enhance the Office 365 collaboration experience across devices.

The best user experience for workplace communication

Microsoft have been working to create improvements on the experience of communicating with others across devices. In October they released the new Skype for Business for Mac. The new client provides high definition audio and video alongside with features lite one-click join for meetings, edge-to-edge video and desktop sharing to make full use of a screen. Enhancements to the skype for business experience on iPhone was also rolled out and the outcome is Skype for Business calls now works just like a cellular call on your iPhone. In addition to accepting a call via the locked screen you can also put Skype for Business calls on hold to take a cellular phone call. The result is first class Skype for Business experience to Mac and iOS users.

Skype Meeting Broadcast in Office 365 will have new services in form of transcription and translation soon. The new features will provide live closed-captioning for presentations spoken in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and German. Viewers can sellect their preffered language for captions.


The next generation of Skype Room Systems and Polycom

Transform your meeting rooms and make any space a Skype meeting place. Skype Room Systems bring the Skype for Business meeting experience with rich HD, audio and video to every meeting room. With the new generation your team can work like you’re all in one place. It is quick and easy to joing meetings, make phone calls and instantly share content in room and remotely, all from an elegant touch screen console device. Polycom will have their MSR series ready for shipment early in the first quarter of 2017.

Polycom RealConnect for Office 365 is the answer for the user who wants to keep their exsisting teleconference investments from Cisco and others. It enables non-native video teleconferencing (VCT) systems to join a Skype for Business meeting and non-Skype for Business endpoint devices can leverage Skype for Business meetings all in a seamless experience.


Global availability and capability

Microsoft  continues to make their services available globally and reveals their latest geographic expansion of PSTN conferencing. Countries like Australia, Russia, Quatar and many more were added to the list of countries who can purchase audio conferencing as part of Office 365 and host meetings. Using local numbers people from 90 countries and 400 cities across the globe can join these meetings.  Office 365 admin portal toll or toll-free numbers can now easily be aquired. Since October previews of PSTN Calling in France and Spain is available. PSTN calling plans are already generally available in the United States, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.

Office 365 administrators can decide where they want to provision theis users for meetings. Skype for business will support regionally hosted meetings by the end of the year and multinational organizations can be provisioned in the datacenter region nearest to their physical location – reducing latency, delivering high quality media and keeping the data in the same region.

New dynamic and unique conference ID’s will be standard for all Skype for Business online meetings, this to enhance security and smoother transitions between back to back meetings. If a meeting organizer’s meeting is running long that meeting will no longer be interrupted by guests from the next scheduled meeting.

Skype for Business Cloud PBX is already available worldwide. Office 365 customers can use Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition to connect Microsofts Cloud PBX with existing telephony environments using the telco carrier of own choice.

Previews are released of Organizational Auto Attendant for call treatment and Call Queues for queueing and routing of inbound calls. Configured by the admin in Office 365 console or through Windows Power Shell these powerful features lets customers migrate entire offices to Cloud PBX for voice easily and quickly.


Move your communications to Skype for Business Online today

Microsoft is commited to continually improve their services using the hyper-scale, intelligent and trusted Microsoft Cloud. They power over 1 billion meetings per year, more than any other provider. Customers all around the world rely on Microsoft for their communications. Take the opportunity to take advantage of Microsofts services in Office 365 to improve teamwork, consolidate suppliers and cut costs. Try Skype for business in your organisation using the free 30-day Office 365 E5 trial and see how it can help your team achieve more together.


This is a summary of a blog post on Microsoft Office blog, originally posted on September 26, 2016 written by Gurdeep Singh Pall (Coorporate vice President for the Skype Team) For full article click here.