Introducing Groups in Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android

On April 18th Microsoft made the announcement that they have rolled out Groups to Outlook for Mac, iOS and Android. With Group conversations now available for you on all your platforms you can:

  • View your group list.
  • Read and reply to group conversations.
  • Add group events to your personal calendar.
  • View group details within the group card (Outlook for iOS and Android only)



Groups have proven useful to Microsofts customers. More than 10 million people rely on Groups in Outlook every month to work together and get things done. Groups offers huge improvements over traditional distribution lists with shared space for group conversation. In addition to bringing Groups to more Outlook apps, Microsoft has also released several new features.

  • Set up guest access for people outside your organization.
  • Easier way to invite multiple people to join a group.
  • Group owners can multi-delete conversations.
  • Group members with permission can send emails as the group / send on behalf of the group.

These are some of the improvements Microsoft have made in Groups for Outlook based on feedback from users.  Microsoft want their users to keep sending feedback via their users voice site. Next up on their list of improvements are:

  • Add appointment to group calendar without sending invite to everyone in group.
  • Add mail contacts as guests to a group

Read full blog post from Microsoft here