Exchange Server 2016 

Microsoft Exchange server is natively built for the cloud. Install the product on-premesis and take advantage of the rich integration with Office 365!

Features that are implemented, tested and modified in Office 365, we can take advantage of, wheatear we want to migrate to the cloud, stay on-premises or reside in a rich hybrid configuration.

During the development of Microsoft Exchange 2016, the Product Team is focusing on five areas:

  • Better Collaboration
  • Smarter Inbox
  • Mobile Productivity
  • Modern Datacenter
  • Security and Compliance

Better Collaboration

The users can benefit of a tighter integration with Outlook and SharePoint, both in the cloud or on-premises. With this integration, we no longer experience the pain of users emailing attachments! When sending an email with attachments, documents is attached as a link and automatically placed on SharePoint/OneDrive with permission modified according to the receivers of the email.

Smarter Inbox

To make the users more productive, Exchange now provides faster search with more accurate search result and several new enhancements to the client! I.e. Inline previews for URLs, Intelligent people search and rich online editing of Office documents in Outlook Web App.

Mobile Productivity

With the new Outlook Web App, Outlook for Windows 10 and Outlook for iOS and Android (beta on Windows Phone), users can collaborate with a rich and similar Outlook experience on phones, tablets, desktops, and  on the web.

Modern Datacenter

The architecture is based on what is done in Office 365 and the experience from Exchange Online. The new simplified architecture with fewer building blocks forces us into what Microsoft calls the Preferred Architecture. Also, for the first time since 2013, we can see the great benefit of the work Microsoft started with Exchange 2013, the concept of: “Every server is an island“.  With the release of Exchange Server 2016, we can for the first time see the effect of this when migrating from Exchange Server 2013.

If you still want to keep your user data on-premises, but want to take advantage of services/features available in the cloud, you can do that, as said, Exchange Server 2016 is built for the cloud! You decide on how you want to utilize this in your environment!

Security and Compliance

Protect your users and company from information leakage with tools that are integrated and easy to use. Functions like Data Loss Preventions, Auditing and eDiscovery are all improved with focus on cloud integration and user experience.

Contact us at Precede  if you want more information about Exchange Server 2016, or earlier releases of Microsoft Exchange!