Dialogue Management for the Business Enterprise

Dialogue Management is an almost logical way of organizing and optimizing communications between employees, customers, and organizations. Therefore, it is not surprising that by now, ANYWHERE365 is already being used by over 153
leading organizations in 15 countries.

Everyone’s a contact center

The fact is, communications should become an integral part of business processes. That’s Workstreampeople’s vision, developer and supplier of ANYWHERE365 for Microsoft Lync. Gijs Geurts, managing director at Workstreampeople: “Traditio- nally, companies route customer and organizational calls from one person to the other using a switchboard, looking for the person with the most know- ledge on that certain subject. A contact center provides a partial solution for this, but is subsequently no longer in touch with the rest of an organization. Anywhere365 organizes the organization around the dialogue. Avoid unnecessary communication and forwarded calls as much as possible. Focus on the question that lies in front of you as well as the quality of the dialogue and solution. Addi- tionally, the company website increasingly serves as the contact center; with Anywhere365, you can also route web chat, ‘call me now,’ web voice, web video, or WhatsApp to the person or functional group if necessary. For example, a service mechanic, who watches with the customer, or a physician from the Arbo Unie (Occupational Safety and Health institute), who holds follow-up video consultations with clients within the website, can become part of the contact center. The customer’s world is changing and companies have to invest based on customers’ expectations. Involve the customer in business processes from the customer’s perspective.”

Skill, Presence & Context Based routering

Workstreampeople was established in 2008 and started with Anywhere365 in 2011. One of its first customers was BCC, whose service desk, reception
desk, contact center, and departments are now all using UCCs within the Anywhere365 platform on Lync, combined with Microsoft CRM. Presently, companies such as Phonehouse, Arbo Unie (Occupational Health and Safety institute), BKR (Credit Registration Office), 15 different municipalities, and customers in 20 different countries, including Swarovski and UCB Pharma, are also using Anywhere365. Anywhere365 starts from immediately applicable UCCs (Universal Contact Centers), utilized for the reception desk, department, service desk, a group of experts, a large multichannel contact center with 1000 agents, or one single manager with his team for Single Point of Contact with a buddy. What is distinctive about the system is that it uses functional routing. From now on, organizational units are functionally available -based on presence, skills, and context – to customers who want to reach the organization through voice response, Skype, web chat, email, and – by now – even Whatsapp, using the phone.